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Bath Design & More

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For the Modern day home, the bathroom is no longer a utilitarian space. The bathroom has become another room to continue the homeowners design expression. A new level of consideration has been brought to the fore front to make the bathroom a destination in itself.

The master suite has replaced the Master bathroom. Separate his and her vanities or spacious double bowls have replaced the single bowl sink. Apuzzo can design cabinetry to fit into any decor and compliment the beautiful new plumbing fixtures on the market. We can make any cabinet look like a piece of furniture old or new.

A new trend is to incorporate mini bars either in the bathroom or adjoining hall between bedroom and master suite. Just think how enjoyable waking up to your coffee within a few feet of your bed in the morning, or enjoying a glass of wine while dressing for your night out or to end a wonderful evening.


And More

Besides mini bars for the master suite we also design bars for the party rooms in your house. We can create replicas of your favorite watering hole to entertain your friends and family.

The traditional “bar”, like the master suite, has evolved into having multiple purposes. The media room is the new popular spot for the family beverage center. By having the beverage and snack area within this room it cultivates a complete theater experience. Along with the bar, Apuzzo can design and provide cabinetry to house all of your electronics.

Another part of the home that has evolved is the home office. No longer do we need just a desk in the corner but comprehensive work areas. Apuzzo can make your office an extension of your home‘s architectural statement. It can be turned into a stylish and enjoyable room to work from but don‘t forget the mini bar!

In addition to all of your cabinetry needs, Apuzzo Kitchens provides custom woodworking services such as custom built shelving, wainscoting, fireplace surrounds and mantles for your library, living room and other areas of the home.

Apuzzo Kitchens provides cabinetry for commercial, hospitality and medical facilities as well.